Warranty terms and conditions

These warranty terms and conditions are applicable to flooring (“the Product”) manufactured and marketed by COILOVE (“the Manufacturer”) under the COILOVE brands ALSAFLOOR, or HOMFLOR, as well as any other name or brand which might be registered.

1) Scope of the warranty

In addition to the statutory warranty, the Product is guaranteed against any defect arising from material, manufacturing or design causes, provided that each of the conditions set out below is met.

This warranty is limited to the free replacement (including transport costs) of the defective Product or its replacement by a similar product or one of equivalent quality, should an identical product not be available. The warranty does not cover labour and travel costs relating to the removal/reinstallation of the Product or of any expenses incurred thereby.

Please refer to Annex 1 for the manufacturing technical requirements relating to European standard 13329.

2) Length and type of warranty

Any defect must be reported within a period of 25 years as from the purchase of the new Product, as witnessed by the date on the invoice given to the end consumer, which can take the form of the receipt provided by the store of the invoice provided by the wholesaler or retailer (“the Seller”).

This warranty is degressive, based on the formula 1/(number of years under guarantee) per year.

The warranty is valid for the first end-consumer and cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party.

3) Installation

The Manufacturer’s obligations under this warranty are limited to the provision of a non-installed Product, delivered with its instructions for installation, use and maintenance, in compliance with currently applicable standards within the country of destination.

The Manufacturer bears no other liability, either for Product installation or for any other actions performed under the full responsibility of the Purchaser and/or the end consumer.

The warranty therefore specifically excludes any defects arising from incorrect installation by the end consumer and/or their service provider.

The Purchaser is fully responsible for the final inspection of the Product before installation. It follows that this warranty only covers defects revealed when the Product is removed from its packaging or installed. Should such a defect become apparent, the Purchaser is obliged to immediately stop all installation work and to inform the Seller as promptly as possible.

When installation is performed by a professional fitter, the fitter undertakes to assume liability for the installation, which they will perform according to generally accepted practices and in compliance with applicable regulations within the country of installation and the Manufacturer’s recommendations and also to provide the end-consumer with instructions for use and for maintenance.

4) Implementation

The Purchaser shall implement this warranty by giving proof of purchase (invoice or receipt of purchase) to the Seller.

Application of this warranty, once the product has been installed, is subject to the Manufacturer’s assessment of the merits of the claim. The Manufacturer shall therefore inspect the Product to establish the presence of the defect. The Manufacturer shall have 30 days to assess the merits of the claim before confirming its validity. Within these 30 days, the Purchaser may not proceed with any replacement or repair, while failure to comply will result in the warranty being declared null and void.

Replacement of all or part of the Product under this warranty will not result in an extension of the initial duration of the warranty.
IMPORTANT: do not use any pointed or cutting object for cleaning seals or bevelling.