COILOVE KALA is a premium flooring brand honored by GERMAN COILOVE WOOD PRODUCTS LIMTED.COILOVE is famous for its over 20-year-old main timber of coniferous forest. MDA non-defatted glue as a binder, high-temperature cooking stamping, the product is infinitely close to the environmental protection of logs.


Strictly in line with the EU CE standards, Japan F4-star standards, China E0 standard; wear-resistant in line with the European Union AC3 level, decorative layer selection of Germany IP and other company's products, anti-UV resistance of more than 6 and stylish,is home from housing, Housing, high-end clubs preferred floor.

1958 German coilove wood products limted was established.
1963 The production of solid wood flooring soon became its pillar industry.
1971 R & D and production of coilove three-layer solid wood flooring, to become Germany's three-tier solid wood flooring research and development and production of one of the leading brands.
1988 Started development and production of coilove laminate flooring.
1999 Started to develop and produce coilove cork flooring.
2011 Started to develop and produce coilove ceramic wood flooring.
2014 Become one of the top ten European floor brands.
2016 German coilove wood products limted A series of events that begin planning products and entering China.
2017 Germany coilove floor won (Southeast Asia) "Top Ten into the floor brand."

COILOVE flooring products have been marketed through specialist retailers such as furniture stores and supermarkets, specialty flooring stores and DIY stores. These retailers require professionals who are experts in their markets who help promote the quality and innovation of COILOVE and provide consumers with high quality, high-priced products with German-made labels.