Eco responsibility

Coilove is committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations*.

Eco-responsibility has been part of Coilove’s lifeblood for some decades now.

  • We use panels made from roundwood: small-diameter logs, branches, rejected logs and also recycled wood and by-products such as woodchips from other industries working with wood, including sawmills, carpentry shops and furniture manufacturers.
  • A lot of our energy we produce ourselves by burning our waste products

*Definition taken from the Brundtland report

Economic pillar

Coilove is a focused woodworking manufacturing company with a long history of floor operations and long-term management philosophy, a solid financial foundation and a strong capital expenditure plan, and a workforce at the center of corporate development.


Social pillar:

Coilove sets out to raise its employees’ standard of living:

  • by ongoing improvement in working conditions
  • by offering employees an extensive training programme
  • by paying a fair wage
  • Coilove products are highly affordable and have created some 800 jobs in Germany.


Environmental pillar

Coilove’s innovation policy sets out to bring down raw material consumption and use less energy:

  • Coilove produces its own energy through solar panels placed on its factories’ roofs.
  • It keeps strict track of emissions, in line with Germany law.
  • Coilove’s design process covers the whole of the product life-cycle.
  • The wood in all the panels used by Coilove is RAL-UZ® certified.
  • In 2015, Coilove began the process for ISO 50001 certification (energy management).